Does this look like you?

Working in a state of the art scientific business
but feel you have lost your your way?
You are NOT alone.

Join and Celebrate-
AHNA Tri-State Holistic Nurses
Nurses United for Healing

Pittsburgh now has a local chapter of holistic nurses!

We are a chapter of The American Holistic Nurses Association.
Membership open to Western PA, Ohio and West Virginia.
Membership in AHNA is encouraged, but not manditory to join this chapter.
If you are ready for new, fresh ways of thinking
and being a nurse, (or healer) - start here!

For a holistic presentation - power point

Email to Susan Rose MSN, RN AHNA Regional Networker
The email list of over 40 nurses in the Greater Pittsburgh region is maintained and you will be added.

Please join Facebook and "like"
our site for updates on events, meetings and sharing of ideas.
Other local holistic social network opportunities
( not necessarily for nurses- patient care professionals are ) are-
We also have a meetup group!check out meetings at
Expand your horizon- Get up above the street level.
Just look at how Wonderful our Ripple Effect
will re-energize our community.

I believe I can fly.  I believe I can touch the sky.

visualize healing energy
Your Thumbprint's energy!